Yovani Bauta

Art Studio: 7644 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33138
2011 Laboratorio 1: Los Reyes del Anahuac, Fundacion Arquetopia, Puebla, Mexico, July.
2010 Callejeros, paintings, Art Spoken Alternative Space in Miami, July 2010
2009 Beaches, painting on canvas and papers, Mundo Gallery, Wynwood, November 2009
2008 Mapping Bodies, painting on papers and canvas, CS Gallery, North Miami, FL.
2006 America’s Items, painting on canvas & papers, Ninoska Huerta Gallery, 9/5/06
Your Country Needs You, performance outside Museum of Modern Art, D.R.
2004 Crossing Lines, Arizona state University Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona.
Emigrados, Ars Atelier Gallery, Union City, New Jersey.
Arte en Fuego, Ceramics, 1067 Gallery, Miami, Florida
Almost Figuratively Speaking, Naomi Silva Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
2003 Backbone, painting on canvas, DOT51 Gallery, Design District, Miami, Florida.
2002 The Walls, paintings on canvas and papers, Baxter Galleries, Miami, Florida.
Beyond the Peel II, work on paper, Radisson Hotel, Secaucus, New Jersey.
2001 Beyond the Peel, work on papers, Jadite Galleries, New York City, N.Y.
Fragments, work on papers, Books & Books Coral Gables, Florida.
The Dismembered Scream, Fraga Fine Arts, Miami, Florida.
Elegia, Recent Artwork, Olimpo Centro Cultural de Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
Male ID, version 2, Installation at University of Miami, Florida
2000 Male ID, Installation at Artemis Performance Network, Miami, Florida.
Coffeemakers, Frances Wolfson Gallery, MDCC, Miami, Florida.
1999 Recent Works, O&Y Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
1997 Studio Opening, recent works exhibition at Miami artist’s studio.
1993 Paintings and Drawings, Koubeck Center, University of Miami, Miami, Florida.
1992 Award Exhibition, Roberto Diago Events, Varadero Beach, Cuba.
1991 Drawings, Imago’s Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
1989 Drawings, Matanzas Gallery, Matanzas, Cuba.

2012 Giants in the City, Prome Encuentro Bienal Contemporaneo di Caribe, Paradera, Aruba.
2011 after neo-expressionism, Barrio Workshop Art Space, Miami, Dec.11- Jan.12
Sarazota Art fair, Ado Castillo Art gallery, March – April 2011
Naples Art Fair, Aldo Castillo Art Gallery, Naples, March 17 -21 2011
2010 Giants in the city at Dominican Republic Art Fair, Aug.31- Sept.5, 2010
Giants in the city, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, August 2-6, 2010
Palm Beach Art Fair, Palm Beach Convention Center, January 2010.
2009 Asbtractomicina, Cremata Gallery, Miami, December 2009
2008 The Art Mexican Influence in Latin American Art, Colby’s Gallery, Chicago
Rhythms, Highlands Museum of the Arts, Sebring, Florida, October 3rd.
Miami Dade College Art Collection, Freedom Tower Museum, Miami, Fl. 11/08
Café VIII, “The Journey of Cuban Artists”, Temple Univ. Gallery, Rome, Italy.10/8
2007 4 on Paper, Xinqo Art Gallery, North Miami, Florida.

Florida Refugee Conference Art Exhibition, InterContinental Hotel, Miami, Fl.

Group Show, Prinardi-USA, Palm Beach, Florida.
25TH PARALLEL: Hispanic Convergence, Burger King & MDC, Miami,
40 Years of Collecting, Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Miami,10/10/06
Auction 06, Contemporary Latin American Art, MoLAA/ Oct.21-22 L.B. CA.


Artistas Cubanos al Auxilio, Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Sept. 30,
2005 Café V, Edna Vihel Center for the Arts, Tempe, Arizona.
Growth Spurt, Edge Zones Contemporary, Wyndwood, Florida.
Hop on the Bus, 801 Projects/Art Basel, Miami, Florida.
Wet, Edges Zones, Windword, February, Miami, Florida
Beyond All of That, Edge Zones Contemporary, Wyndwood, Florida.
2004 Thunder in the Night, Atman Lab/ Art Basel, Miami, Florida.
Of/from Cuba: Art Exhibition, Nason House, New Mexico State University.
CAFÉ IV, Estrella Mountain College, Phoenix, Arizona.
De ida y vuelta, Centro Cultural Español, Coral Gables, Florida.
Contemporary Cuban Artist From Inside and Outside Cuba, Paulina Miller Gallery,
Phoenix, Arizona.
2003 Paper Cuts, Works on Paper, ARSATELIER Gallery, Union City, NJ.
Café III, Arizona State University Art Galleries, 9/23/03.
Salida de emergencia, Group show, El Palillero Gallery, Cadiz, Spain.
2002 Show for Art Basel, Group show, O & Y Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Unframed International, An ACRIA Benefit Art Sale, Sotheby’s New
York, 11/22 & 23, 2002.
Pinturas Cubanas, Galerie EDITART, Geneva, Switzerland, Nov-8/Jan-14/03
Café, University of Colorado, Colorado Spring, October/02
Auction for Corpus Christi Church, Big Five of Miami, April/02
Purim Ball 2002, “Meet The Artist”, Group Show, Jewish Museum of Florida.
2001 Café, Augusta Gallery, Massachussetts.
Homenaje a Reynaldo Arenas, Blue Angel Gallery, Miami, Florida.
Instructors Show, InterAmerican Campus, MDCC; Miami, Florida.
En Mi Barrio No Se Esconde La Fe:A barrio to barrio tribute to Babalu Ayé,
Lab 6 Alternative Space, Miami, Florida.
Erosion, Una Orgia de Color, Maxoly.com Gallery, Miami, Florida.
Future Visions II, O&Y Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Arte Ocho Billboard Project, Little Havana, Miami, Florida.
Los Creyentes, Artemis Performance Network / Arte Ocho, Miami, Florida
1999 Contrasts on the Beach, Rose Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.
Future Visions: Make It Happen Now, A. Martinez Gallery, C. Gables, Fl.
MAC 21, International Contemporary Art Fair, Malaga, Spain.
Cuban Artists Show, Le Locle Museum, Geneve, Switzerland.
1998 Art Group Show, O&Y Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Works on Paper, O&Y Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
1997 Tres de Coffee y Two de Sugar, Inter-American Gallery, MDCC, Miami, Fl.
1996 Paintings, Drawings and Ceramics, Agora 4 Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Placeres Esteticos, Yamato Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Pequeño Formato, La Boheme Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
Miami Art in the Gables, Arquideco Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.
1992 Paintings and Drawings Exhibition, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Mafre Guanarteme
Foundation Canary Island, Spain.
1990 Young Artists Exhibition, IV Biennial of Havana, Havana, Cuba.
2005 Cover of La mujer sin tetas, by Nicolas Abreu, Ed. El almendro.
2004 Cover of Swimmer Dreams by Michael Hettich, Turning Point, Cincinnati, OH.
2003 Cover of Un caracol en su camino, by M. Diaz Martinez, Ed. Hispano Cubana.
1992 Design and painting of murals for hotel chains, including the Spanish Meliá.


Design of a line of casual wear clothing and a fabric for MATEX brand, Cuba.

2011 The Walls, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO. 09/11
2008 Mapping Cuban Exile: Art and Revolution, University of Tampa, 11/06
2004 Through my Own Eyes, Arizona State University Art Gallery, Phoenix
A Going Over III Viernes Cultural Calle Ocho, University of Miami, Florida.
2003 Los cuerpos de la nacion, University of Cadiz, Spain.
2002 A Going Over II Viernes Cultural Calle Ocho, University of Miami, Florida.
2001 A Going Over Viernes Cultural Calle Ocho, University of Miami, Florida.
1995 Introduction to my artwork, New School of Social Research, New York, NY, and
at Cuban Research Institute, Florida International University, Miami, FL.
1994 Presentation on Cuban Art, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2012 The Walls, twenty years of work of Yovani Bauta. Ed. LinkUSA, July 2012
2011 Cuban Artists Across the Diaspora, by Andrea O’Reilly Herrera, ed. University of Texas
Press, cover and pag.169, 170, 171, 172, 173 &174.
On the Street, recent works by Yovani Bauta, ed. Blurb, May 2011
2008 Am I Who I Am, works by Yovani Bauta, Ed. Blurb. October 2008.
Mapping Bodies, Recent artwork by Yovani Bauta, ed. Blurb, May 2008
Hispanic & Iberian Painters, Nuevos Rumbos, Publishing and Editorial, NY.10/08
2006 Baquiana, Interview, Revista Literaria, Anuario VII, 2005- 2006.
Wet II, Edge Zones, Hong Kong – Miami, Vol. 2.
Edge Zones Miami Extends its Border, NY ARTS magazine, September-October
2005 Wet, Edge Zones, Hong Kong – Miami, April 9-May 30
2004 The Miami New Times
2003 Architectural Digest, En Español, September 2003, 38, 39, 40 & 41.
2003 Yovani Bauta: un pintor de esencias, BuenHogar magazine, Julio 2003, 88 BH.
2003 Haz de incitaciones, Ed. Baquiana, 2003, 20 and cover.
2002 El Nuevo Herald, Artes Y Letras, Galeria Dominical, Sunday, June 9th, 2002.
2001 Contemporary Artists Dictionary, Ed. 3, 2001 year, 25, 56.
1998 Art Dictionary- Art New Millennium, Vol 2, 1999-2000, October 1999, 25.
1996 Revista Mexicana de Cultura, El Nacional, July 1996, No. 26.
Balcones, Columna Cubana, Lea Art American Magazine, XI, No. 82, May/96
1995 Cuban Art Portfolio: Bridges to Cuba, The University of Michigan Press, Ann
Arbor, Michigan.
Puentelibre: Revista de Cultura, University of New Mexico, 2.5-6 (Summer’95)
31,41,45,51,55 respectively.
1993 Michigan Quarterly Review, 33.4 (Fall’94), 789.

2006 Your Country Needs You, as performer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2000 Liborio Wants to Escape, by Leandro Soto, as performer, Merida, Yucatan,
Mexico, and Miami, Florida.

Visible Collection, Madrid, Spain.
Lowe art Museum, University of Miami, United States.
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Velez, Malaga: Maria Zambrano, Spain.
Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida.
Fundacion Valparaiso, Almeria, Spain.
Jorge Reynardus Private Collection, New York, NY, USA


Artist in Residence, Arquetopia Foundation, Oaxaca, Mexico. May 2012.
A Display of Diversity, Freedom, & Self-Expression at the American Pavilion 10 Artists-
10 Spaces, selected to represent United States in Art Shanghai, China, 2011.
Artist in Residence, Arquetopia Foundation, Puebla, Mexico, July 2011
Artist in Residence, Valparaiso Foundation, Almeria, Spain, May 2008.
Universal Peace Embassy, nominated on June 23, 2006
Artist in Residence, Arizona State University, September 2003


Talavera Ceramics, Don Cesar State Certified Talavera Atelier, Puebla, Mexico.
Printing etchings and monotypes at the California Printmakers with Louis F. Dow II.
Printing etchings at Ediciones Malgon, Miami with Joaquin Gonzalez.
Printing Lithography at Taller de Grabados, Tenerife with Alfonso Bertens.

1992 Bienal de La Habana, Cuba. Triptych, oil on canvas.
2003 Encuentros de Intelectuales Cubanos de la dispora, University of Cadiz, Sp.
2012 Triennial Bangkok, drawing selected, June 2012.

Member of Board of International Association of Hispanic Visual Artist (IAHVA).
Art critic writer on Publisher.com since 2011


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