Sergio Payares

Sergio Payares was born in Havana Cuba in 1962.

Though an established artist, he became increasingly frustrated with the stifling artistic climate of his homeland. In 1992 seven of his paintings were removed from his last exhibition by government officials.

At age 30 he fled Cuba to escape “…a government that didn’t allow me to express my artistic and political views”.

In his paintings Payares creates places that are spaces-vast spaces that have no outside, no inside, no perimeter, no boundaries. These spaces are meaningful in themselves, perfect to behold, unsullied.

Into these spaces Payares seems to have quietly returned leaving symbols, monolithic forms, fragile nervy tendrils enclosing unidentified faces. A shadowy figure is placed in the arena and seems to dissolve into the pregnant emptiness.

Payares is gone, leaving no footprint.

Using the sparest of pallets, he has created fields of deeply satisfying quietude. A place of meditative clarity and calm where enigmatic icons exist for our contemplation. Here nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. We are invited to softly enter and reflect on the informing images and our responses.


Superior Art Institute of Havana, Cuba


2000 Galeria Nina Menocal, Mexico D. F.
1999 Galeria Forum, Lima, Peru
1998 Galeria Nina Menocal, Mexico D. F.
1998 Galeria Casa Turquesa, Cancu, Mexico
1997 Galeria Nina Menocal, Mexico
1996 Decos Gallery, Miami, FL
1995 Artoria Gallery, Miami, FL
1994 Jaditte Gallery, New York, NY
1986 Galeria Casa de la Cultura de Plaza, Havana, Cuba
1986 Galeria UNECA, Havana, Cuba


2000 Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery (G3)
2000 ART Palm Beach
2000 ART Miami 2000
2000 Galeria Florida, Caracas, Venezuela
2000 Galeria Inosentti, Milano, Italy
2000 Centro de arte Italiano, Milano, Italy
1999 Il Bienal Iberoamericana de Lima, Peru
1999 ART Miami ’99
1999 Galeria Florida, Caracas, Venezuela
1999 ART Chicago ’99
1998 VII Feria International de Arte Contemporaneo,
Mexico, D.F.
1998 Collective Show, Galeria Nina Menocal, Mexico, D. F.
1998 ART Chicago ’98
1997 Collective show, Mexican Consulate, Miami, FL
1997 BRAC ’97, Silver Meteor Gallery, Tampa, FL
1997 49th International Conference for the Human Rights,
Miami, FL
1995 Collective show, Brasil International Gallery,
Paris, France
1995 Cuban Auction, Vanidades Gallery, Miami, FL
1994 34th Annual HORTT Memorial Competition, Museum of Art,
Fort Lauderdale, FL
1993 La Bohrme Gallery, Miami, FL
1993 ISA (Higher Institute of Art), Havana, Cuba
1992 Sevilla ’92 International Art Fair, Sevilla, Spain
1992 Cuban Art, Ludwing Forum, Aachen, Germany
1992 “Kuba Ok” , Dusseldorf, Germany
1992 “Week of the Cuban Culture” 23 y 12 Gallery,
Havana, Cuba
1989 “Cuban Young Art” R.D.A. Alten Museum, Berlin Germany
1988 10 Cuban Artists, Revista de Arte, Buenos Aires
1987 International Salon for Peace, Copenhaguen, Stockholm
1987 International Salon for Peace, Moscow, Russia
1986 Museum of Fine Art, Havana, Cuba
1986 Two Painters, Museum Art, Prague
1986 “Cuban Young Art” Madrid Cultural Center, Madrid, Spain
1986 National Museum of Fine Art, Havana, Cuba
1986 “Week of the Cuban Culture” Galeria Galiano,
Havana, Cuba
1985 “Arte y Arte” (Art & Art), Copenhagen, Stockholm
1985 Cuban Painting in Moscow, Russia
1984 Galeria L., Havana, Cuba
1983 Leopordo Romanach, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


1997 American Foundation Against Cancer, Miami, FL
1997 Certificate of the Metropolitan Dade County Florida for
Cultural Collaboration to Miami City
1995 Jose Marti Foundation, Miami,FL
1988 Certificate “Contribution to the National Culture”, Havana
1985 Prize “Servando Cabrera Moreno”. Havana, Cuba
1985 2nd Mention of the National Landscape Salon
“Leopordo Romanach”, Havana, Cuba


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