Rudeylis Placeres


Rudeylis“R u d y” Placeres

Cuban born Miami artist Rudeylis Placeres was born in Colon, Matanzas, Cuba in 1977. She embraced sculpture as her means of expression.
Rudy attended the renowned national art school E.N.A. in Habana,
Cuba. She then graduated in 2001 from I.S.A. Art Institute in Habana,
Cuba. Rudeylis served as art professor at San Alejandro Art School from 2001 to 2003.
Rudeylis fled the island in 2006 and moved to Montreal, Canada and later moving to Miami in 2007 where she resides and works.
The artist has exhibited in Cuba, France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and the U.S.
Rudeylis has several sculptures and murals in Cuba. The artist has won several awards and honors.
Her metal sculptures convey the artist’s obsession or turmoil in fusing the two opposite worlds.
First the world of rigid, tough metals and second, her femininity or womanhood. Her figurative works also come to life also through two opposite techniques.
The first is ancient, “Steel Hammering”. The second is contemporary, “Welding”.
Rudeylis work as the artist states, “Comes to life neither for self – approval nor to be in the art world’s
Lime Light”. I am simply a “Hammer & Steel woman”

Selected Exhibitions

Habana Biennial IX, Habana, Cuba.
Habana Biennial VII, Habana, Cuba.
Habana Biennial V, Habana, Cuba.
Centro Wifredo Lam, Habana, Cuba.
San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Habana, Cuba.
U.N.E.A. “1st Performance Festival, Habana, Cuba.
Habana University, “Expo”, Habana, Cuba.
I.S.A. Art Institute, “Art Performance” Habana, Cuba.
Cultural Center of Spain, “Group Show”, Habana, Cuba.
Vigia Gallery, “La caja fears no art”, Habana, Cuba.
Palacios de la Convenciones, “Iberico Event”, Habana, Cuba.
Copacabana Hotel, “Expo”, Habana, Cuba.
Domingo Ravenet Gallery, “Expo”, Habana, Cuba.
Manuel Mantilla Gallery, “Expo”, Habana, Cuba.
Pedro Esquerre Gallery, “Antología”, Matanzas, Cuba.
Pabellón Cuba “2nd Festival Ana Mendieta” Habana, Cuba.
Gallería L, “El fuego que nos une” Habana, Cuba.
Galería Luz y Oficio, “Objeto exterior a la siquis I.S.A., Habana, Cuba.
Galeria Vibora, “Rudeylis Placeres”, Habana, Cuba.
National School of Art, “Alumni Show”, Habana, Cuba.
Galeria Colon, “Salir al mundo”, Matanzas, Cuba.
Arte Efimero, Pinar de Rios, Cuba.
Hammer & Block Auction, (During Art Basel Week), Wynwood, FL.
Gora gallery “El arte nuestro de cada dia” Montreal, Canada.
Toulouse, France, Mallorca, Spain, Monterrey, Mexico, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
T.A Project Space “Group Show” Miami, FL.


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